There are those who would dismiss Atlantic salmon as an unworthy fish because it’s farmed,  and I guess they have a point.

But to nip down to the supermarket (yes, I know) and come back with something that is presentable, healthy and easy to prepare is not to be despised. The really fresh stuff from the market is worth the extra effort, but if I can’t get it I’ll make do with what is close by.

Its oily flesh makes it ideal for charcoal. Cooking it outdoors has the added benefits that it does not make the kitchen smell and does not leave salmon oil over everything in sight.

I like to season or marinade it –  chilli and ginger works well:


A dusting of smoked paprika and dried herbs is good too:


I cook it on a hotplate over the charcoal, lightly sprayed with oil to start, and then the oil from the fish takes over.


I’ll often cover it while cooking, so that the heat and smoke from the charcoal is trapped, to even out the cooking and enhance the flavour. This extra heat to the top means that the pieces cook more evenly than they would on just a hotplate, so you can get good results without butterflying it.

Timing is easy – for the set-up above it’s 7minutes, turn, then another 7 minutes, and done.