On the Beach / I and the beach

Despite everything, a couple of nice exhibitions that still managed to run in 2020…

Earth + Water

I was Artist in Residence at the William Creek Hotel in the remote north of South Australia when the rains came.

Journeys Over Land

These works examine human excursions into the Australian Landscape, a theme that has interested me for over 20 years.

Canaletto 2022

Canaletto 2022

This page leads to my 2022 SALA exhibition, my 2022 UniSA Master's Project and other related material.

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1000 Words

1000 Words

A project showcasing interesting work by Adelaide based photographers.

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Figure in the Landscape

This is a series completed in 2016-2017, exploring the nature of landscape and identity.

la citta perfetta

“I will put together, piece by piece, the perfect city, made of fragments mixed with the rest, of instants separated by intervals…”

Five Seconds in Paris

This work came together very quickly – over the course of one week in Paris in 2008.