David Hume

David Hume is an Australian Visual Artist




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The Queen of Venice


Featured Exhibition

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Earth + Water

November 2011


Selected Exhibitions

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The World We Live In

August 2013


La Citta Perfetta

August 2012


Earth + Water

November 2011


Five Seconds in Paris

May 2009


Journeys Over Land

November 2007



May 2005



April 2002


Lake Argyle Paintings

September 2000


Beneath the Beyond 2

March 2000


Beneath the Beyond

September 1999


Coorong to Kimberley

July 1998



July 1997


Postcards From the Rock

July 1996


Visions of Venice

July 1995


David Hume is an Australian visual artist. Please send enquiries through the contact page

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