I write articles and reviews for magazines and books, and help clients write and edit their marketing collaterals.

And of course I’ve written a novel.


I wrote this under a nom de plume to avoid confusion with the famous Scottish philosopher David Hume. If I’d used my (our) real name I may well have gotten more sales.

Offerta Speciale!

Download the file free from this link on my server.

This is an .epub file – the type of file iBooks uses. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can drop it in to your iTunes books library. The simplest way of opening it on your iPad is to email the file to yourself, click the file from within the mail app and then use the option “open in iBooks”. It will add it to your library for you.

If that sounds too hard, or if you only use a Kindle, you might need to buy it; but what the hell, it’s only $4.