This page contains the video application for my Guildhouse/JPE residency

This video is not password protected, but is unlisted, so anyone with the URL can see it. I am happy for it to be shared to interested parties.

If this is not displaying on your device – here’s the direct link:

Addendum 8th May:
I struggled with this due to illness – (not Covid, but worse than when I had it!) Anyway I’m pleased that I managed to make a video submission before the deadline. On thing I just remembered is that there was a section in the application for the support material PDF. I recall that the form said “If appropriate” (I’m not 100% sure on that though) and I thought “Oh well.” But then in submission there had to be a file uploaded or else the form returned an error, so I just put my CV in twice. I was unable to get a PDF done in time. I’m hoping that the video will explain recent work, and my website will back that up. The best page of my website to showcase recent work is:  I don’t know if this statement is relevant; I’m a bit of a stickler for deadlines and don’t expect any special treatment because of illness – everyone has their own circumstances to deal with and mine are not special.  I’m adding this little statement to the video submission page with the rider that  this addendum was made on Wed 8th May – after the deadline, so ignore it if appropriate.