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The title’s a bit obvious and I’m certainly not the first to have played round with the idea; but here it is:
A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

In this project I’m finding an image that interests me from a photographer, and use that image as the basis of a conversation.

My aim is to chat to twelve photographers who are Adelaide based, or have some connection with Adelaide.

I want a diverse range of people, from art to commercial, from full time to dabbling on the side; the main thing  is that all these photographers have a love of what they’re doing.

The image we start with is then used to kick off a conversation, by asking a few questions about it, and then asking about the photographer themselves, their history with photography and how photography fits in to their life now.

The chats run for for half an hour or so, and I record that as we go and then distil it into a piece of about 1000 words that goes with the image.

This also links to other info about the photographer so people can see more of what they do.

The main aim of this project is for a broad range of people who are into photography to find out about what others are doing, about their processes and how their professional and artistic lives work together.

The plan is to try for twelve or so over a year and see where it goes from there.