Below is a map I put together for my own amusement to get an overview of some of the best dirt rides around Adelaide, and to see how they might link up to create new rides.

NOTE: The Gravelaides, Treadlys and Lofty 105 All  contain small segments of private and Govt land that are not generally open to the public. In other words, you can’t just jump on to these and expect to ride them in their entirety.

The main point of this map, then, is to get an overview, and get ideas about putting loops together that contain segments of these great rides. Chapeau to the Gravelaide guys, Treadly lads and Morgan of Lofty 105  for the hard work in making the routes.

To make it a bit easier if you want to use the routes as the base for your own ones – I’ve also put direct links to the relevant rides on my Ride with GPS page. (Disclaimers above apply!)